Monitor Live Instances

Monitor Live Instances

Hawkeye over the running instance

Centralized monitoring capabilities will always keep you informed about your statuses. Started from Nodes over the containers till internall Applications. You can define different types of notifications and alerts to be informed in time to prevent problems from occurring.

 Create your product packages, version

Create versions for your product packages easily via internal wizards and templates. Control the releases and trigger deployments by one click to any Node. You can always check the running instances, history and even do a rollback to any previous package to avoid downtime.

Deploy Versioned Packages

Deploy Versioned Packages

Manage Multi instance Delivery

Manage Multi instance Delivery

Control multi instance delivery

Deliver versioned product packages to multiple customers in multiple locations. Control delivery of versioned assets based on release flags. Manage and secure the entire Deployment process with configurable approval stages and customizable user roles.

Automated Branding features

By using dyrector.io, you're able brand your products and support branded delivery of your application. You can easily extend the core product with different user interface layouts. It only takes one click to initiate the entire branding process over your containers.

Automated branding features

Automated branding features

Target container based
Runtime Platforms

Target container based runtime platforms

Be it a simple native server with Docker installed, a Docker Swarm, a Kubernetes cluster or any other container based platform, dyrector.io is going to manage your deployment tasks. We're continuously updating our Agent by adding support to new runtime platforms.

Speed up your information share
Extensive Integration
for DevOps teams

Increase productivity by sharing information to industry leading providers across your DevOps infrastructure via the notification hub engine. Support for Discord Webhooks allows customers to be instantly notified of new releases. Use integrated Slack business communication inside your DevOps space. Initiate your build processes from Microsoft Teams.

Security in first place
Security in
first place

At dyrector.io, DevSecOps is the preferred way to integrate security throughout DevOps cycles. We're helping our customers building custom and secure containers they can iterate on continuously. Following the trends and updating our methods allow us to have secure inter-container communications, protected data in transit and at storage level.

Centralize your configurations
Centralize your

It's up to you whether you use our internal configuration provider or connect with your favorite one. We already support Kubernetes Secrets, Docker Secrets, HashiCorp Vault. Package based versioned configurations are distributed securly by Agent proxies.

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