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Ship carrying containers. Illustration of is designed for developers working with the following technologies & frameworks
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Flowchart of different software versions made up of images for deployments.

Build delivery channels

Create your own low-code CD workflow to deploy images out of your existing CI processes. No more messing with YAML files, you can focus on things that deliver value to your users.

Autopilot your releases

Automate & power-up your industry standard release processes with integrations. Increase your team's efficiency & transparency with notifications, and enable your product managers and other non-technical stakeholders to self-service deployments.

Multi-instance deployments

Simplify complex release management processes with the multi-instance deployment capabilities of Manage and execute deployments of different versions of your applications to multiple nodes. Fire up Docker & Kubernetes test environments on the fly.

No vendor lock-in

Interact with your infrastructure in a PaaS-like manner with no strings attached. supports AWS, GCP, and Azure, as well. If you decide to stop using, you won't have to restart provisioning your infrastructure.
Flowchart of how sponsors, or vendors are able to distribute different versions of applications to multiple customers.
integrations seamlessly is fully open-source, will always be...

Open-source products bring community-driven value to the world. We created for developers who'd rather not work on deployments and configurations instead of developing their solutions. We're looking for suggestions from developers to create the perfect deployment platform for them.
“As software eats the world, open source eats software”