Software delivery on the go without DevOps Specialists

Easy and efficient multi instance container based delivery platform reducing time and cost during DevOps and GitOps operations to speed up your centralized release management.

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ContinuousIntergrationcontinuous integration

How it works

We provide two types of environment for The first and most used one is the PaaS version, which requires no technical setup for the Admin tool – expect for the installation of the Agent to the given server. The other one's when you want full control of your environment, called self-hosted.

An image describing how cloud-hosted works
An image describing how self-hosted works

Key features

Robust Automated Software Delivery

Controlled release management * Multi customer instance support * Customizable workflow with configurable Approval Stages * Powerful Version Handling.

Robust software delivery
Deep Atlassian Jira support

Extensive Integration and Support for Atlassian Jira

Use and extend Jira's internal features such as Releases, Issues and Components. Supports agile, scrum and modern DevOps scenarios. Component based automated build processes. Interoperability of release processes.

Unique product building with branding

Easily create inherited branded products (from parent) via container management using docker layers and template based asset libraries. Give your product deployment different look and feel.

Unique product building with branding
Wide range of integrations

Integrate with popular DevOps tools and workflow

Integrates into existing CI/CD workflows to provide fast, automatic application deployments for legacy and modern workloads. Focusing Kubernetes Clusters including Helm packages. Via our notification hub, it's possible to send different type of direct messages to Discord, Slack, Teams, and so on.

Full features list

Why you'll love it?

Accelerate GrowthAccelerate Growth

Focus on user needs not deployment. Leave your DevOps deployments to us.

Reduce CostReduce Cost

No need for dedicated deployment resources with

Faster ROIFaster ROI

Time is money. Simplify and automate deployment. Protect your capital.


Monitor and track your deployments from one straightforward dashboard.

One-click DeploymentOne-click Deployment

Deploy new applications or updates in an instant. Simple, fast, secure.

Automatic and Scheduled DeploymentAutomatic and Scheduled Deployment

AAutomated and scheduled deployments to multiple environments allow entire test and deployment process to be fully automated.

Release workflowRelease workflow

Easily make product releases based on multiple sources and choose from a number of deployment targets.

Fully ScalableFully Scalable

Manage large scale deployments across multiple global data centres and host environments. Manage full-scale IoT application deployments with ease.


Our Integrations connects to the tools you use every day, with more added each month. Browse our full list of integrations, including Gitlab, Slack, and Jenkins. Can't find the software or service you're looking for? Don't worry! We're constantly adding new integrations based on your requests.

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